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[Animals & Pets] URGENT
by Mina - Ad location: Pozzouli
3 year old Turkish Van male cat, named Prince, is in need of a calm home for a couple months. Arrangements with money/food can be made. Please email or call for details. [...]

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[Animals & Pets] Young and easy going
by Iris - Ad location: Sarno (close to Nola), 30 minutes from Grisci
Zeus is a beautiful male German Shepherd, good-natured and healthy (Tests for Leishmania and tick tease are negative). He's very intelligent and affectionate with everyone (including children). But [...]

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[Animals & Pets] a healthy and happy girl
by Iris - Ad location: Cicciano (Nola), 20 minutes from Grisci
Lizzy is cute and very intelligent dog who had the bad fortune of ending up in the Nola kennel. She's small to medium size, good with children and all other dogs. Like so many others she's in ne [...]

$ 40
[Animals & Pets] Metal Collapsable Kennel
by Frederick - Ad location: Capo or Arco Felice
30" x 21" x 19" [...]

$ 25
[Animals & Pets] Portable Hard Side Kennel
by Frederick - Ad location: Capo or Arco Felice
27" x 22" x 20" [...]

$ 75
[Animals & Pets] Portable Tent Crste
by Frederick - Ad location: Capo or Arco Felice
31"L x 22"W x 24"H indoor-outdoor foldable crate. [...]

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[Animals & Pets] Looking for a home
by Iris - Ad location: Nola, 20 minutes from Grisci
Robby is a beautiful little fellow, medium size, who just entered the kennel. He's very shy and timid, afraid of his own shadow, but very affectionate once he starts to trust someone. He's healthy a [...]

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[Animals & Pets] beautiful mix
by Iris - Ad location: Cicciano
Yari is a beautiful, fluffy dog, about medium size. He's calm and sweet, always looking for someone who might be willing to cuddle him for a moment, therefore he too would be a great family dog. Ab [...]

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[Animals & Pets] 5 years old
by Iris - Ad location: Cicciano
Wolfi is a 5 year old, really gorgeous dog, beautiful and full of spirit. He's curious and full of life, very energetic. Character-wise, he's thoroughly good and docile. He's able to follow commands [...]

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[Animals & Pets] Furniture style
by Frederick - Ad location: Capo or Arco Felice
3'L x 2'W x 2'6" H [...]