Naples All Hands


€ 15
[Miscellaneous] FOR CARS AND VANS
by ED - Ad location: Varcaturo/Lago Patria
Car/Van roof rack for sale. It is a complete set with all the fixings included. I am selling as I no longer require this item. Fully functional and made from a national reputable manufacturer. [...]

€ 700
[Miscellaneous] Signature Johann Sebastian Bach
by freddy - Ad location: Napoli- Vomero
Pen MONT BLANC, produced in 2001 in limited edition, WORLDWIDE edition of only 8000 copies. This pen, never used, with its original and perfect packaging is the ex. Number 05718/21855 and is part of t [...]

€ 2
[Miscellaneous] Wanted: Roman coin
by Thomas - Ad location: Aversa
I am looking for any real Roman coins for sale. Not interested in reproductions, copies or fakes. Let me know what you have! [...]

€ 30
[Miscellaneous] Nails
by Chiara - Ad location: Formia / SS Gricignano
OPI axxium gel system. 7 brand new pots. A used base, a clear overlay gel and 21 soak off gel lacquer. Tips. A trial box of acrilic. A uv lamp. [...]

€ 15
[Miscellaneous] 3 zipper
by Maria - Ad location: Quarto
Gently used. Perfect for school. Large [...]

€ 15
[Miscellaneous] Seven brand- originally 70 euros
by Maria - Ad location:
Gently used backpack for a month. Paid 70 euros. [...]

$ 110
[Miscellaneous] Very nice violin, old but cannot see a date.
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
Here is a real nice violin, it is older, used in the 80s so at least 30+ years. [...]

$ 110
[Miscellaneous] Play it or use it as a home decoration.
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
This is a real nice violin, 1975. [...]

$ 120
[Miscellaneous] Play it or use it as a home decoration.
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
Here we have a nice violin, 1980 as shown in the picture. Play it or hang it as a decoration in your home. [...]

$ 70
[Miscellaneous] Beautiful International Stamp Collection.
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
This is a family stamp collection. It has a certain age, and has been kept very well. I am not an expert with stamps, but with some research I have noticed that there are many with a certain value [...]

€ 40
by emanuele - Ad location: GRICIGNANO SS

€ 120
[Miscellaneous] Awesome sounds of Queen and Brian May.
by Matt - Ad location: Lago Patria or JFC
This pedal has become a collectors item as they are rare and difficult to find (complete and good quality). This one still has the original box, Instructions, Pedal cover and power. These pedal are [...]