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Household Items

€ 20
[Household Items] Shelves
by Albert - Ad location: Pozzuoli/Bagnoli
3 pink Ikea shelves, Lack model [...]

€ 10
[Household Items] Pillows
by Chiara - Ad location: Formia
Pillows with pillows cases [...]

$ 0
[Household Items] 100 W- 2500 W
by jeff - Ad location: Lago Patria, Support Site, Capo
100 Watt - $10 150Watt- $15 300 Watt- $20 500 Watt- $25 750 Watt - $40 1000 Watt - $50 2500 Watt- $70 2500 Watt- $70 [...]

€ 8
[Household Items] Small fridge
by Demetrio - Ad location: Via Ripuaria, 153, Parco degli Oleandri (Varcaturo
Small red fridge for going out in a trip, picknic, etc. [...]

€ 200
[Household Items] 40's style
by luca - Ad location: Pomigliano d'Arco
As a title I sell this beautiful forniture stereo-bar 40's style with valves and Braun radio and turntable. It is not working, aesthetically it is necessary to restore the missing lights and glasses i [...]

€ 170
[Household Items] with marble gray
by luca - Ad location: Pinetamare
For sale a beautiful solid wrought iron table with a perfect gray marble floor with white veins of 135 cm in diameter. Like the picture, the iron has rust, so it is the choice of the buyer to paint it [...]

$ 50
[Household Items] Marta Marzotto
by Lisa - Ad location: Formia (45 min. north of S. Site)
220 v Mosaic colored glass bottom. White top Marta Marzotto designer lamp [...]

€ 150
[Household Items] baroque style
by luca - Ad location: Castel Volturno
Beautiful chandelier baroque elegant furnishings. Measuring 1,13 m long and 40 cm wide. The real value is far superior to the selling price [...]

€ 60
[Household Items] elegant
by luca - Ad location: Castel Volturno
Beautiful and elegant carpet like new condition. Dimensions 1,65x2,35.Price no negotiable. [...]

€ 150
[Household Items] Cavallino
by luca - Ad location: Pinetamare (Castel Volturno)
As the title sell this beautiful carpet kept in very good conditions. Dimension based to the most extreme parts 240x220. No negotiable price [...]

€ 500
[Household Items] Wall carpet
by Albert - Ad location: Pozzuoli/Bagnoli
Beautiful Neapolitan antique wall carpet, about 7 feet x 4 feet [...]

€ 400
[Household Items] Egyptian copper dish-large
by Albert - Ad location: Pozzuoli
Antique Egyptian copper dish, about 3 feet in diameter. Beautiful. [...]

$ 30
[Household Items] Beautiful- EXCELLENT quality
by Maria - Ad location: Quarto
Most of these dishes are brand new. Three colors. Measurements - 23.5 cm wide from top rim, 16 cm wide inside bottom). Microwave and very sturdy. 10 dishes total: 4- White 3- Light Grey 3- Dar [...]

€ 25
by PASQUALE - Ad location: CASORIA

$ 10
[Household Items] Table Top
by Frederick - Ad location: Arco Felice or Capo
$10 each or $15 for two. [...]

€ 25
[Household Items] 2 pieces of 2.8m (W) x 2.25m (H)
by Lincoln - Ad location: Caserta
Two pieces of curtains available. These are green card with a bit of gold color. Very intricate and fancy pattern. 2.8 (9.18 ft) meters width per piece when stretched out, 2.25m (7.38 ft) height. Come [...]

€ 110
[Household Items] crystal platter
by Chiara - Ad location: Gricignano or Formia
Brand new crystal platter with base covered in silver. Made in Italy. Brand: Marcello Giorgio. [...]

$ 15
[Household Items] Perfect for reupholstering, crafts, anything!
by Maria - Ad location: Quarto
I bought this piece of foam last month. It's a great quality and durable enough for a cushion. I was going to make a big seat for a cedar chest then changed my mind. I also bought a thin material [...]