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€ 30
[Home Appliances] Trasformers
by Alessandra - Ad location: Orta di Atella
I have 6 transformers available. Various kw power I will check tomorrow and change the ads, I’m close to the Support Site. The price will be between 30€ and 100€ it will depend from the kw. Let me kno [...]

$ 80
[Home Appliances] 2 of them
by Mark - Ad location: Pozzuoli
I have 2 1000KW transformers available. Returning back to the States, I paid $120 for them at the NEX. $80 each and they are yours. I'm able to deliver to Capodichino or Support Site. [...]

€ 120
[Home Appliances] Pulcinella
by VALERIA - Ad location: Gricignano di Aversa
Pulcinella cm 36 Totally handmade by me . Hand made with clay . Glass eyes, costume hand-sewn ( pure linen) Oil painted. [...]

€ 10
[Home Appliances] Tray and mozzarella (or else) colander
by Chiara - Ad location: Formia / SS Gricignano

€ 50
[Home Appliances] Mirror
by Chiara - Ad location: Formia
Beautiful stand alone mirror. Yet, I no longer have space for it. The stand and frame that holds the mirror is entirely made of cast-iron [...]

€ 45
[Home Appliances] automatic spresso machine
by Maria - Ad location: Quarto
For sale is a barely used Nespresso Essenza. It uses the capsules. I'll throw in the capsules I never used that were from the original packaging. [...]