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€ 125
[Community & Events] Relaxing weekend in the green island!
by Annette - Ad location: Ischia
Join us for a short weekend in Ischia - you'll be able to relax a bit in wonderful surroundings, and still enjoy all the Idenpendence Day celebrations and/or BBQ w/friends! This weekend over-nighter [...]

€ 195
[Community & Events] ...and still have a nice 4th Jul BBQ w/friends!
by Annette - Ad location: Ischia
Join us on this wonderful tour for the upcoming 4th July weekend - and still have time to enjoy the 7/4 celebrations and/or BBQ w/friends! Included are R/T transportation to/from ports, ferry, privat [...]

€ 55
[Community & Events] Vatican City
by Annette - Ad location: Rome
Come with us to Rome, to the Vatican to assist the papal audience in St Peter's on 28 June 17. We'll be going to the audience, and will have a great lunch! Included in the cost is R/T transportation [...]

€ 60
[Community & Events] ..and jump off the boat to enjoy a fantastic swim!
by Annette - Ad location: Naples
join us for a fun day cruising along the coast to Amalfi, with a stop by the famous faraglioni in Capri for a fantastic swim! Contact me for more info or ANY questions... [...]