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Fancy curtain for sale

2 pieces of 2.8m (W) x 2.25m (H)
[Household Items]

Two pieces of curtains available. These are green card with a bit of gold color. Very intricate and fancy pattern. 2.8 (9.18 ft) meters width per piece when stretched out, 2.25m (7.38 ft) height. Come...

€ 25
19 mar by Lincoln 3402994300

Ad location: Caserta

Madonna Vintage Oil Painting, a Masterpiece!

Beautiful Madonna Oil Painting.
[Household Items]

Here is a beautiful vintage oval Madonna oil painting. Absolutely gorgeous painting, detail is extraordinary, colors are vivid. Rare work of art. 12X14". Make an offer.

$ 90
08 ott by Michael 3934269162

Ad location: Varcaturo

Solid Brass Deer Figurine Beautiful Vintage Piece!

Very Heavy Vintage Solid Brass Deer.
[Household Items]

Here is a vintage solid brass deer figurine. Measures approximately 8" height, 10" across. Beautiful inlaid work. Very nice looking, no defects, excellent condition.

€ 80
22 gen by Michael 3934269162

Ad location: Varcaturo

Vintage Metal and Horn Bird Figurine.

Beautiful Inlaid Detail, Made in Mexico.
[Household Items]

Here is a vintage inlaid metal and horn bird figurine. Made in Mexico. Measures approximately 14" height, 12" across.

$ 20
22 gen by Michael 3934269162

Ad location: Varcaturo

Vintage Charcoal Old Cowboy in Frame

Astonishing Charcoal Drawing
[Household Items]

Here is an interesting vintage charcoal drawing of an old cowboy. An extremely charismatic charcoal drawing.

$ 40
07 feb by Michael 3934269162

Ad location: Varcaturo

DrewLewis Wooden Hangers

Boutique Style Shirt / Pant Hangers
[Household Items]

200 Wooden Shirt Hangers and 50 Wooden Pant Hangers (with Clips). Organize and Upgrade your closet to have boutique style shirt and pant hangers. Enough for the entire household for only $.40/hanger...

$ 100
02 nov by Seth 342-154-4160

Ad location: Piazza Amedeo


Table Top
[Household Items]

$10 each or $15 for two.

$ 10
16 mar by Frederick 345 285 9743 or 626-1853

Ad location: Arco Felice or Capo