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2001 Audi A6 Quattro
Automatic transmission, Diesel
Price: $3500
Autos & Motorcycles
Very reliable station wagon purchased from Italian re-seller in 2014.
Well-maintained 4-door automatic transmission ideal for families or single people who love to travel with friends.
Ski pass-through along with roof rack make for an ideal car for ski/snowboard trips to Roccaraso or the Dolomites.
Spacious hatchback also stores more than enough wine on trips back from Tuscany.
I have replaced the brakes+rotors as well as the shocks. A/C, heater, and radio all work well. Great diesel fuel mileage.
Overall in great condition with a few Naples kisses.

$3500 price includes AFI plate cost. Spare tire + road safety vest included. Price is negotiable.

Feel free to contact me for a test drive at Capo, Support Site, or anywhere in Naples. If I am unreachable by phone, please leave a message on this post and I will contact you.
Posted by Amy
on Mar, 17 @ 20:31
Phone: 3441365806
Amy's item(s) sold: 1
Location: Naples, Capo, Support Site
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