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Beautiful Wolfi, 5 years old
5 years old
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Animals & Pets
Wolfi is a 5 year old, really gorgeous dog, beautiful and full of spirit. He's curious and full of life, very energetic.
Character-wise, he's thoroughly good and docile. He's able to follow commands and to walk on the leash.
He's good with female dogs, but not with males.
He's chipped, vaccinated and fixed. His test results for Leishmania and tick disease are up to date and negative.

He's in a kennel about 25 minutes from Grisci. Unfortunately, he and a couple of other dogs from the same kennel are running the risk of being transferred to another kennel close by that doesn't do adoptions, were he'd have no hope of ever getting out again.
Looking at the pics will be enough to show why I'm trying to help him find a way out and back to real life.
Posted by Iris
on Feb, 17 @ 19:38
Phone: 3498903797
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Location: Cicciano
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